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Safety, efficiency, and cost are three very good reasons to hire a tree service professional, as opposed to taking the job on yourself. Sure, you might be able to trim some of your brush or branches for the smaller trees and bushes yourself, but if you have to hire a professional for the larger and more overwhelming aspects of your yard and/or landscape, you might as well just hire a professional to do the whole thing. In reality, it’s both more exhausting and more dangerous than it appears in most media forms.

An established tree service company has specialists that know what to trim and if more extensive work is needed like full removal services. Unsightly stumps may have roots deep into the ground and can be very heavy. They are difficult to dislodge and this is not a job to be taken on by an amateur.

In some cases, it might be cheaper to have a bundled lot clearing service provided to you, depending on the shape of your trees and overall landscaping needs. They understand how each aspect of your landscape affects other aspects.
If you don't have any trees on your property, you might consider planting some. At Troy’s Tree Service, we’re proud to do all this and more for the residents of Las Vegas.